Finished another rebuild. Let’s work on your project next.

We just launched another rebuild of Fire Safety 100. Shout out goes to my boys in Queens, NY over at Fire Safety 100. They are keeping NY safe from fires, one fire at a time. Keep the momentum going and keep saving lives, businesses and homes.

2022 is going to rock. Old websites will be rebuilt and re-purposed. We also have a few huge projects in the works. Doc Zippy will probably launch in 2022. VEE The Future will get started in 2022 or 2023. A few more projects concerning high tech and computing will launch for After Shopper. That’s another business that will soon take off. We just need to get everyone on the same page. Now is not the time to sit around and wait for the cows to come home. It is time for action and results. If you have a great idea or app idea and want to get a start on a small or large project, it doesn’t matter what size. Just as long as you start. Then send us an email. We will take a look at the proposal and see what we can do with it. Serious inquiries only.

So, what’s next on our bucket list? We shall see…

Recently, we have partnered up with an outsource development team in India. They have over 800 developer resources. So if you’re in need of a project. big or small, we can definitely 1000% get the job done and exceed your expectations. We’re also partnered with one of my friends who went to Harvard Business School and runs a top notch web/application development agency. So please feel free to schedule an appointment with me. You can do that at to either schedule a 30 minute FREE Consultation. Or we also provide other services as well such as SEO Services, Marketing Services, Website Submission Services, etc. See you soon!

Rebuilding is fun!

When you rebuild a website, the second time, third time, so on and so forth times later. It just gets better and better. Such is life, right? Like relationships. First time, you get heartbroken, and it’s miserable. Then the second time is good too, but then things do not go as planned. I don’t know how people just meet up once, fall in love like in HS and the rest is history. That just seems very foreign to me. But then again, I am a first generation American. Everyone’s situation is different I understand, and everyone’s idea of rebuilding is different. I still believe that experience is very important. Skills are also very good to have but experience is what tests your metal. You can have all of the skills in the world but when faced with adversity or a situation never before seen, it can be hard to handle for sure. I just know that rebuilding stuff when you’ve already built things before, the second time or consecutive times later, can be very rewarding. Why? Well, because you know what to do and how to do it with efficiency and focus, determination and skills help too. You have to have fun most importantly and the motivational factor is also important. If you’re not motivated to do anything most likely it takes a major event to turn it around, also time. Sometimes you need to take a break and then realize what your purpose is. Reinvent yourself, visualize your dreams. Then you will have a fulfilling career or whatever you do. Maybe you don’t do anything. I am not here to judge, a lot of folks are out of work right now, I feel for you. It is not the end of the world. You must keep fighting on and be persistent in your goal whatever that is. I think that by writing things down and getting your ideas out, is a good way to gauge where you are in life. What your goals are, where you think you want to be in 5-10 years. Getting back to the main point though, rebuilding starts with action. You cannot rebuild anything by not building anything at all. Trust me, it is always better the next time around. That is why we have so many updates.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Hey there, I just went to the eye doctor and my eyes are dilated. So, I can’t really see very well right now, but I’m still writing the best that I can. Sometimes we get caught up in the moment and that hinders our ability to function. Most of us live in a world where we have to multi-task. Either you have kids, or a girlfriend/boyfriend/non-binary, etc. We all have a lot of things to do every day but never seem to have enough time for any of it, right? Life can be overwhelming with things to do, tasks to complete, projects to finish. But sometimes we let things hold us back. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect in order to do anything. What I’m saying is you don’t have to be 100% to do work 100% of the time. We want to be the best that we can be but sometimes our environments hinder us from thinking that we cannot do something, work, tasks, writing, programming, whatever it may be. Just don’t let the imperfect world stop you from getting your work done. It doesn’t have to be perfect all of the time. We are human, an imperfect species. Well, some of us seem perfect, but the people who think they are perfect, are they really perfect? Most likely, nope. Not even close. We all have different ideas about our self-worth, our self being, our selves. I believe that if you have a dream, go for it. No matter what it is and how ridiculous it seems. Also, try not to let the past affect the present and the future. But most of all, it doesn’t have to be perfect to work. Unless it has to be perfect.

We have launched!

The Million Dollar Micro Corporate Website is now up and running. What does this mean? Well, it could be a jump point to new projects that are in the pipeline. You will also be able to see some of the older work or clients that we have worked with in the past. Overall, I feel confident that this website will continue to improve, and we will make updates as needed. You can always contact us via email or give us a call. We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. I just wanted to thank everyone for their input and advice. I know these last few years have been rough for everyone, I hope to bring some hope that everything is going to be ok. If you have lost anyone, as many have, I send my condolences. We are all in this together in this world. Let’s make great things happen together, shall we? Again, never hesitate to ask for help. If you have a problem or even if you do not have a problem and just need some good solid advice. We are here to help. Thank you and welcome aboard!

Let’s go!

The sooner we launch the better. We have been working around the clock to rework our corporate website. It is almost here; we are in the final stages of launch. A few more tweaks and design changes and I do believe we are good to go. Hopefully, we can launch by midnight tonight. I will continue to add to this blog each and every day, if possible. I’m pretty satisfied with the results. This website will only get better and better as time goes on. So, let’s do it, it is time to unleash the masterpiece. I’m very excited and proud to announce the revival of Million Dollar Micro! Our time is now!