Million Dollar Micro, LLC has spearheaded a plethora of major multi-million-dollar projects across the world. From fantasy sports, restaurants, big pharma, all types of insurance, medical education, broadcast media, finance, geofencing and mapping, big and small businesses, entertainment and media, Million Dollar Micro, LLC has done it all and has made these companies leaders in their industry. The reason why people choose Million Dollar Micro, LLC over other Software and Hardware companies is because of experience, know how, trust and honesty.

We strategically scope, project, and plan our projects with preciseness and professionalism. There are no hidden fees or costs, everything is displayed in our state-of-the art project management system, and the developers and project managers are the best in the industry. We can even adapt to your project management system. We wouldn’t have it any other way. We can bring you the results you desire. Our projects speak for themselves. Let Million Dollar Micro, LLC finish your next project. That’s what we do.

Some of our clients/projects include: