Where do I begin. All there is to say is that sometimes your mind can play tricks on you. Don’t believe everything that you hear or see. However, whoever is reading this may already know that there is a force so strong in this world that it cannot be stopped, reasoned with or negotiated with. Well, maybe negotiated with was the wrong word, but you know what I mean. Of course, we can negotiate a great deal, that’s what we do. Anyhow, that force is Million Dollar Micro, LLC. We will not succumb to the forces that are going against us. We are also getting stronger every day, every new idea, method, way of thinking, software, hardware, underwear we use. It always works. There is something pushing us to the brink of greatness and that is you. So do yourself a favor and join a winning team of developers and talented graphic artists and executives, upper management, lower management, advertising, marketing, human resources, etc. on a mission to overcome all obstacles and profit beyond your wildest imaginations.